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I do love a good shindig, don’t you? Maybe some dishes to dig into, glasses of shandy and Guinness, dancing to music you can dig with people you’ll take a shine to… Shell out a few shinplasters and frug the night away! Dig your shins into it! Whatever that means.

I guess dancing is like digging shins… somehow… Actually, shindig could as easily be a paleontological excavation (along with skulldig and ribdig and so on). But it’s not. And it could be a kick in the shins in repayment for some subtle dig. But it’s… well, actually, that’s the first recorded sense for shindig. But no one’s used it that way for 150 years, as far as I know, so we can ignore that in favour of the ‘party’ sense – and the other sense of a donnybrook, a knockabout, a brawl.

Duane Aubin suggested this word, and noted,

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